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A summer of Bacchanalian debauch….

We’re purveying our humble brand of plinky soul at a few of festivals this year, Splendour and Waterfront in Nottingham and Beach Break Live in Cornwall.

There’s a rather familiar name headlining two of them. It’s likely Master Bugg personally requested us. We’re probably part of his rider or something.

Here’s a full [UPDATED!] list of our confirmed shows for 2013.

SplendourWaterfront Fest 2013

Beach Break Live


David's OK Magazine shoot

David’s OK Magazine shoot

If you’re ever passing through Birmingham, you’ll not regret a wee dalliance at the Ort Cafe. Say ‘Art Cafe’ out loud in a heavy Birmingham accent. That was Sam’s theory. You have to ask for a key to use the toilet and they do peanut butter cake. The loons!

Diamond Family Archive are capital chaps and musically a real atmospheric treat, check them out. Any gig with a performer : beard ratio of 1 : 1 is to be celebrated. Every possible species of beard was on display, from Jack’s ‘George Michael went camping for 5 days and forgot to pack his razor’ to DFA ‘frontisperson’ Laurence’s Rasputin chinbush.

The Ort Cafe is at the front of a grade II listed building called The Old Print Works and round the back there’s a warren of cavernous, erstwhile industrial spaces now inhabited by a clan of arty types. David and I got the guided tour and we were tickled to discover a ‘party’ room complete with baby grand piano and harmonium. We’ve been invited back to play one of their parties so watch this space [                                                ] for details of a mooted June/July return.

Our next gig is for the opening day of the Exposure! Photography Exhibition in Nottingham on Saturday 13th April. We will bring CDs, some of which may well be our album although we could all do with a clear out of our personal collections.


Here be some gigs we’ve managed to firm up for 2013. With the indefatigable help of our bloody marvellous booking agent Jody Rothera who, apart from Sam’s brain, is probably the best thing to happen to our band.

We’re super glad to be playing a bit further afield, including shows in Birmingham, Derby, London and two festivals, Beach Break Live in Newquay, Cornwall and Splendour in Nottingham. Here’s to this year, may she be a chuffing stonker.


Friday 15th – Jam Cafe, Nottingham (with Paper Plane Crash and We Show Up on Radar). 10pm FREE!


Wednesday 3rd – Ort Cafe, Birmingham (with Diamond Family Archive). 8.30pm £3 on the door

Saturday 13th – Exposure! Photography Exhibition, The Corner, Nottingham. Time tbc. OK magazine will be there (!?)


Saturday 4th – Nottingham Contemporary, 9pm FREE!

Wednesday 22nd – Magic Garden, Battersea, 7.30pm FREE!

Thursday 30th – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham with Boat To Row and Hot Feet, 7pm, £5


Friday 14th – Elgin Pub, Notting Hill, Facebook event page, FREE!

Sunday 23rd – Beach Break Live festival, Newquay, 3pm ‘Making Waves’ stage, £20 – £120


Thursday 11th – Hairy Dog, Derby with Joe Tilston and The Embers, 8pm, £5

Saturday 20th – Nottingham Splendour Festival, Wollaton Park, NCN stage, times tbc, £15 – 37.50

Saturday 27th – Waterfront Festival, Nottingham, times tbc


Saturday 20th – Ort Cafe Birmingham with Louise Petit, 8pm, £5


Sunday 17th – Glee Club Nottingham supporting Rue Royal (“a must see live act”, The Guardian), 7pm £6


We did this in a church and we’re not sorry

You may recall (if you’re some kind of super fan or else in the band) that we recorded some live tracks in a church way back in the bowels/bumgut of 2012.

Jedward H Christ only knows why it’s take so long to get the video ready. I blame the Tories, Jimmy Saville, Sir David Nicholson, the South African police and myself.

Drink deep of our heady audiovisual brew, my little squimpkins ….


Nottingham Contemporary gig on 4th May

Nottingham Contemporary gig on 4th May

If you can’t make our Nottingham Jam Cafe gig on Friday 15 March*, **our next confirmed home-town show will be at the Nottingham Contemporary on Saturday 4 May when we’ll be playing in the bar.

Love your favourite East Midlands-based artsy farsty folkists x

*If you can make our Jam Cafe gig on Friday 15 March**


Next gig Jam Cafe 15 March

Next gig Jam Cafe 15 March

Click the pic for more info

Fruit from the gig tree

Yesterday we spent the morning down by the canal in Nottingham, titting about on the locks. It’s for a secret thing which we’re not allowed to discuss. The ‘thing’ will be published early Feb. It will be quite good.

In less secret news we had a pow-wow over beer and burgers, and firmed up some new shows. Sam will be going solo to support Canadian lovelies The Once on 23rd January at The Green Note in London. Tickets are available here.

On 15th March we all play the very intimate and often humid Jam Cafe with the terribly British Andy Wright of We Show Up On Radar and harmony enthusiasts Parks.

Then we’ll probably just concentrate on growing/tending our beards while we wait for the next gig at the Nottingham Contemporary on 4th May. More details when we know them.

A support tour taking in 5 or so dates in May is in the offing, although it’s subject to the other band finding a new drummer and their promoter finding some money (he’s looking down the back of his sofa as I type) to fund it. I’ll load my Facebook gun and fire any news bullets straight into your minds as soon we know more.